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National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers (NAVGTR) is a non-profit organization that promotes and recognizes the interactive entertainment industry. The organization administers the NAVGTR Awards annually since 2001. The organization has over 600 professional members from the gaming press that vote on the games nominations. For the 2013 edition, there were 54 award categories.

  1. COPILOT - Take Me Home, Country Roads(Fallout 76 Trailer Soundtrack) Mp3
  2. Duration: 3:03

  3. Fallout 76 Country Roads Cover (Original Trailer Soundtrack) Mp3
  4. Duration: 3:02

  5. COPILOT- Country Roads, Take Me Home - Fallout 76Version Mp3
  6. Duration: 3:01

  7. Take Me Home, Country Roads | Fallout 76 Custom Trailer Version Mp3
  8. Duration: 4:00

  9. Take Me Home, Country Roads ¦ Fallout 76 Original Trailer Soundtrack Mp3
  10. Duration: 3:03

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