Mixtape Mania: Songs About You by Emanny

(While reading, download Songs About You here)
Songs About You EP FRONT COVER

In my interview with Emanny earlier this year, he promised us a, “very dark, passionate at times, but very dark project”. It seems that he has fulfilled that promise in his long-awaited followup to Songs About Her.

Beginning the EP with Confessions Of A Nympho ,
throughout Songs About You Emmany’s growth as a storyteller and singer is immediately seen. Often times compared to fellow R&B singer Trey Songz, on this EP fans are finally able to hear Emanny come with his own unique sound which allows him to shine effortlessly throughout the entire compilation.

With often collaborator rapper Joe Budden as the lone feature on the EP (Miss Me), Emanny tells a story of a relationship that includes drugs and passionate sex, resulting again with a breakup. With this storyline as the basis for the EP, Songs About You transitions from the various songs and emotions flawlessly.

Though shorter than its’ predecessor, Songs About You is a perfect follow-up that was well worth the wait. Emanny vocals combined with production from the likes of Cardiak and his group SLV bring about relatable sentiments, that makes one wonder why he his still unsigned.

Download Songs About You here.
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