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Introducing…..Monty C. Benjamin

As we all saw this weekend at the Grammy‘s, the core of Hip-Hop is being overlooked. Yet, one upcoming rapper from Cincinnati by the name of Monty C. Benjamin is helping the genre be seen. Releasing his first project in 2010, roughly four years later Benjamin is back to bring back that 90’s flavor, while continuing to tackle on some core subjects that his mid-western counterparts can relate to.

Click The Picture To Download!
Click The Picture To Download!

Yo! MCB Raps is a laid-back compilation from the rapper, (who has shared the stage with the likes of Jeremih and Young Jeezy), which is easy to digest and comprehend. Inevitably these factors make Yo! MCB Raps hard to resist, leading one to play it over and over. It is, “a project that takes golden age production and merges it with the new school flow“. At times, Monty C. Benjamin is reminiscent of Mos Def and Common, especially in the track The Main Ingredient (seen above), but overall Benjamin brings his own sound that only can linked back to him. This sound is one that most claim to want back, but are simply afraid to tackle it. Yet, Benjamin is helping resurrect the true roots of Hip Hop; the same elements that are embedded in his production, lyrics, and passion that he produces on his records. Be sure to download Yo! MCB Raps here and follow Benjamin on his various social media sites below!

MCB Twitter!
MCB Facebook!


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