New Music

New Music: Anytime by Ciara

Update: May 22, 2014
Updated link available below!

Ciara does not let a baby bump stop her from hitting the stage and performing for her fans. Though she left her signature dance moves at home, CiCi made her way on the Grammy After Party stage to slay her fans. She even debuted a new song off her upcoming album titled Anytime. While her fiancรฉe Future is howling in the background the two sing:

Baby I’d go to war for you, anytime
Baby I’d get the stars to prove, I’d be there anytime
Anytime that you need
Anytime that you call
Anytime that you fall
I’ll be there anytime
Anytime you hurt, Anytime you need
Baby just call my name , I’ll be there anytime

I simply adore this song and one thing is for sure, pregnancy looks good on Ciara!


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