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Buy It Or Not?: Love, Marriage, & Divorce by Toni Braxton & Babyface

(While reading, purchase Love, Marriage, & Divorce here)
Love, Marriage, and Divorce. Three words that are synonymous with many modern day relationships. While most are fortunate enough to only have to experience the first two, some individuals unfortunately must go through the trials and tribulations of divorce. Two people who have gone through it include singers Toni Braxton & Babyface, which prompted them to record and release their first duet album. Originally set to be released in December, the duo held off to release it just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Love, Marriage, & Divorce begins with the track Roller Coaster, which describes the ups and downs of love. From the first track, it resonates with listeners how perfectly these two magical voices go together to present the many emotions of a relationship. A key part of a relationship is the love-making that occurs and the album’s next track gives listeners a song perfect for that occasion. On Sweat, Braxton and Babyface insist on taking their frustration out with each other in the bedroom. A very sexy track that temporarily fixes the pieces of the album’s love story.

Yet, the problems quickly pick back up as Love, Marriage, & Divorce continues on with the two lead singles: Hurt You and Where Did We Go Wrong. Both tracks reflect on the mistakes that happened in the relationship and sends fans the sentiment of regret.

Love, Marriage,& Divorce also gives Braxton and Babyface a chance to shine on their own with a couple of solo tracks. This includes I Hope That You’re Okay (Babyface), I’d Rather Be Broke (Toni Braxton), and another Braxton solo I Wish, which happened to be a very vengeance seeking track as Braxton wants her former lover to endure just enough pain and consequences to make him feel pain, but not permanently hurt him.

Babyface and Braxton link back together on the track Reunited, which is about two lovers fighting through the storm to get back together. Similar to their own stories, despite the many years and individual turmoil, Braxton and Babyface reunited musically, “getting back together” because they’re united, as they sing on this song.

Love, Marriage, & Divorce gives listeners a pleasant surprise with the funky 70’s-esque track, Heart Attack. As little sister Tamar would say, fans can GET THEIR LIFE with this track that will have you dancing in your seat! This track shows that this musical couple can make hits on both the slow and up-tempo tracks!

The album ends with the emotional track The D Word. Whether through a divorce or just a sudden end to a relationship, this song is destined to bring chills with lyrics:I’ll always want you/ Forever think of you/ Although we’re apart/You still own my heart/Forever, and ever. If you have ever been in love, this album is for you, for two legendary singers come together to convey every imaginable feeling that can come from a relationship. Whether love making, pain, revenge, and divorce: there is a song for the lover (and separator) in you.

Purchase Love, Marriage, & Divorce here.

Personal Favorites: Reunited, Heart Attack, The D Word


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