Buy It or Not

Buy It Or Not?: The Rebirth by Eric Bellinger

(While reading, purchase The Rebirth here).

the rebirth
“This gon’ be your favorite song”. That signature line heard at the beginning of most of Eric Bellinger’s tracks should now be changed to, “this gon’ be your favorite album”. This is because his latest project, The Rebirth, has been released! Compiled of a whopping (and overwhelming) thirty-two tracks, Bellinger combines all of his Born II Sing tapes, and some new melodies, for one huge album. By writing for some of the biggest names in the industry including Chris Brown and Jennifer Hudson, along with his hot lead single I Don’t Want Her, featuring Problem, Eric Bellinger is making a great transition from behind the scenes to the headliner.

If Eric Bellinger becomes too much for you to take in at once, don’t fret because The Rebirth has a host of features including my R&B husband Tank, Sevyn, Jon B, and Christina Millian. Though most of the songs have been previously released, The Rebirth is a good project to provide fans with a host of his songs all in one place, along with showing his growth as a vocalist. If you want some free music from Bellinger, you can check out Born II Sing Vol. 3, but take your time to show support by purchasing Bellinger’s album here.


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