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New Music: You’re Mine (Eternal) by Mariah Carey

mariah carey youre mine
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Mariah Carey is giving her lambs and fans alike another ballad that is perfect for this season of love! Titled, You’re Mine (Eternal), Carey can’t get over a lost love that she feels was meant to be. Lyrics like the chorus below are perfect sentiments and words to share with your valentines this Friday!

You make me feel, like love would never end.
How can I forget, baby, we were the best.
Slept with dreams of you all through the night.
Baby I can’t seem to give you up, you’re mine

This song, including her breath-taking whistle notes at the end, will send straight chills down your spine and this is the type of track that many of her Lambs have been waiting for! I can’t see how this song won’t go to number one, as well as being a great lead for Carey’s upcoming album, The Art Of Letting Go, which will be released May 6th!


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