Mixtape Mania: Still No F***s Given by K. Michelle

(While reading, download Still No F***s Given here)
00 - K_Michelle_Still_No_Fucks_Given-front-large
In case you were wondering, K. Michelle still gives no middle fingers. A gift for her fans this past Valentine’s Day, K. Michelle released the sequel to her 2012 tape 0 F***s Given. Titled Still No F***s Given, K. leaves the commercial side of her music behind as she brings the realness and rawness back to the spotlight. While she gives us the R&B, powerhouse voice, which is her gift, she also brings the ratchet out as she sings over beats that go harder than what rappers have.

Hosted by DJ Sense, Still No F***s Given beings with Realest In The Game, which on the lyrical side comes off as a very aggressive track. This sentiment is followed by K. Michelle’s cover of August Alsina’s track I Luv This S**t (I Love This Way) and the track Run The Streets, where rapper Meek Mill passed on the beat. On Run The Streets, K. Michelle also denounced the rumor that her and the MMG rapper had any sexual activity, with the lyrics: “I got a Dreamchaser chain/ and I ain’t ride no d**k”.

Along with giving fans the hard side, K. Michelle touches on the soft spots of her heart. One of those tracks include the previously heard single Pain Killa, which was featured on her 2013 tape, The Hold Over. K. Michelle also gets spiritual on the track 10 Mins With God, where she just wants to talk to God to get some clarity over some aspects of her life.

As mentioned, K. also attempts to reinvent some of the hottest songs hot including August Alsina’s I Luv This S**t and Chris Brown’s Loyal. The most surprise cover comes from her rendition of Tamar Braxton’s Christmas track She Can Have You, where K. Michelle continues to be the bigger person-well not really. In the interlude afterwards, K. Michelle announces that she actually did the song first three years ago. Shade

In the end, Still No F***s Given is filled with 26 songs that combine the multiple elements that make up K. Michelle. Whether you are more of a fan of her turn-up, no-holds-barred side, or her soulful side that leans more towards R&B, there is a piece of all it on the tape to appeal to every type of K. Michelle fan.

Personal favorites: Justin Bieber, Heartbreak and Headboards, Summer

Be sure to download Still No F***s Given here.


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