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Buy It Or Not?: With Love by Mya

(While reading, purchase With Love here).
with love
A pleasant surprise that came this past Valentine’s Day came not in the form of chocolate, but instead in some new music from singer Mya!

This four song EP titled With Love, allows Mya to return back to her R&B with her soft, soulful, sultry voice. On the opening track Mya pleads that her love not gives her Space. This track is followed by the highlight of the EP, Like A Woman, where Mya’s vocals are supported by an acoustic melody. Here she shines as her voice is allowed to have the much-needed spotlight on the EP. With Love continues on with a mid-tempo dance song titled House Party, where she seduces us with her sexy lyrics and teasing voice as this party only consists of her and one special man. With Love concludes with the stimulating track Do It, which is a flashback to the music of Mya’s early career.

A solid surprise for fans of Mya, as we wait for her to release her forthcoming seventh studio album. You can preview Mya’s With Love below, along with purchasing the compilation on iTunes here.


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