Mixtape Mania: 3 Simple Rules by Ne-Yo

(While reading, download 3 Simple Rules here)

00 - Ne-Yo_3_Simple_Rules_ep-front-large
This past Valentine’s Day, Ne-Yo wanted to give lovers the rules to having a successful, long-lasting relationship. On 3 Simple Rules, Ne-Yo gives fans four new songs, three of which are the singers rules of love.
“Rule number one, keep love new”: On New Love, Ne-Yo gives fans a doo-wop sound, as he relays the message to always spice things up in a relationship to keep it feeling brand new.

“Rule number two, understand that what you have is bigger than this”: Bigger Than This is a classic ballad sound from Ne-Yo where he sends the message that in any relationship the two partners have to overcome their obstacles, because love is greater than any fight than can ever occur.

“Rule number three, the most important rule, no matter what, you must always get her right”: Gotchu Right is a catchy, head-popping, soulful song that touches on the sexual side of a relationship. Here Ne-Yo gives advice to the men that to keep a women, you have to know her (and her body) like the back of your hand.

3 Simple Rules concludes with an Outro, which is a very sensual track that has Ne-Yo reaching in his higher octaves so that his girl can “get what you want”. A sexy conclusion to an EP that will help many relationships last just a little bit longer. As we wait for Ne-Yo’s forthcoming album, be sure to download 3 Simple Rules (for free) here!


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