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New Music: B*****s by Chris Brown & Tyga

Over the weekend I had a sudden urge to listen to Chris Brown and Tyga’s 2010 mixtape Fan Of A Fan. I have no idea what made me listen to it, but all I kept thinking was that I will die when FOAF2 is released. Well, I now have to currently prepare for my funeral this summer, because we are FINALLY getting Fan Of A Fan 2! Don’t believe me? There is an album cover (seen above) and music to prove it. Below you can hear one of the first releases from the mixtape, a track simply titled B*****s. With both rapping on the track, in this explicit track, the two proclaim that while in the club they see “all these b*****s, I don’t want to see no n***as”. Honestly, for me, these two could rap the ABC’s and I would be content. Though there is no official release date for the tape yet, Tyga is busy working on Young Money’s compilation album, Rise Of An Empire, released March 11 and Chris Brown is prepping for X, while will be released May 5.


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