Spill The Tea

Spill The Tea: Daley, T-Pain Going On Tour, August Alsina Has Beef With Trey Songz & More!

1. Daley Announces The “Days & Nights” Tour
We all love connecting with our favorite artists of the road and now a soulful talent will be hitting the road starting in the middle of this month! After selling out all of his 2013 shows, Daley is coming back on the road with the Days And Nights tour after the success of his debut album of the same title! He will be touring the United States and Canada the next two months so check out the dates below and see if Daley is coming to a city near you!

March 17 -Atlanta, GA
March 20-Orlando, FL
March 21-Fort Lauderdale. FL
March 24-Raleigh, NC
March 25-Charlotte, NC
March 28-Washington,DC
March 29-Philadelphia, PA
March 30-Boston, MA
April 1-NYC, NY
April 2-Brooklyn, NY
April 4-Toronto, CA
April 5-Millvale, PA
April 9-Pontiac, MI
April 11-Chicago, IL
April 12-Minneapolis, MN
April 16 -Seattle, WA
April 18-Portland, OR
April 21-San Francisco, CA
April 23-Los Angeles, CA
April 25 -San Diego, CA
April 26-Tucson, AZ

2. T-Pain Announces “I Am T-Pain” Tour
Another tour announcement this week came from T-Pain! He, along with his artists Young Cash and Vantrease have already hit the road for a 34 date tour titled I Am T-Pain! Having seen T-Pain on Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. tour in 2011, I must say that this is one you won’t want to miss! His energy and shockingly good live vocals will surprise you and have you up out your seat the whole time! Check out below if the tour is making it’s way near you and if it is, you can purchase the tickets here!

March 6: Sacramento, CA (Ace of Spades)
March 7: Reno, NV (The Knitting Factory)
March 8: Olympia, WA (The Royal Lounge)
March 9: Boise, ID (The Knitting Factory)
March 10: Bellingham, WA (Wild Buffalo’s House of Music)
March 11: Bellingham, WA (Wild Buffalo’s House of Music)
March 12: Seattle, WA (Nuemos)
March 13: Eugene, OR (Studio 44)
March 14: Richland, VA (Joker’s Night Club)
March 15: Yakima, WA (The Season Hall)
March 16: Spokane, WA (The Knitting Factory)
March 20: Calgary, Alberta (Marquee Beer Hall)
March 21: Vancouver, British Columbia (TBD)
March 22: Edmonton, Alberta (Encore)
March 23: Canada (TBD)
March 24: Canada (TBD)
March 25: Canada (TBD)
March 27: Danville, IL (Club Deuce)
March 28: Chicago, IL (UIC Forum)
March 29: Peoria, IL (Civic Center)
March 30: Emporia, KS (The Granada)
April 3: Phoenix, AZ (Celebrity Theater)
April 4: Las Vegas, NV (Club Haze, DJ set only) *
April 5: Merced, CA (TBD)
April 10: Albuquerque, NM (The Main Event)
April 11: Oxford, GA (Oxford College of Emory) *
April 15: Casper, WY (The Casper Event Center)
April 17: Magna, UT (The Great Saltair)
April 19: Great Falls, MT (Mansfield Center Ballroom)
April 22: Missoula, MT (Wilma Theater)
April 23: Billings, MT (Babcock Theater)
April 25: Des Moines, IA (Val Air Ballroom)
May 3: Riverside, CA (University of California) *
May 10: San Angelo, TX (The Venue)
An asterisk by the date means that it is a show independent of the tour.

3. August Alsina vs. Trey Songz
august alsina trey songz
Over the summer, it seemed that a new R&B clique had been formed between newcomer August Alsina and veterans Trey Songz and Chris Brown. The three were doing shows together and even remixed Alsina’s I Luv This S**t track. Yet, it not seems that this apparent bromance is over. Out of completely nowhere, in a recent interview with Rap-up.com, Alsina claims that he and Trey Songz no longer “rock” with each other, due to Songz “egos and attitudes” while they were out touring. Alsina does maintain, however, that he and Brown are still cool with each other. The timing of this seems a little mysterious seeing that Alsina is currently promoting his debut album Testimony, which will be released April 15. Plus, we are in such a technological age, why as a grown man does one resort to detailing the “beef” in an interview, instead of discussing it with Songz. Things that make you say hmmmm *insert side eye*

4. Prince Sits Down With Arsenio Hall
A Prince appearance on anything is so rare, so when it happens, you clear your schedule, sit down, and watch. The legend made his way over to The Arsenio Hall Show , taking it over with interviews, performances, and games. We learned a lot about Prince that night, but here are the Top 5.

1. Prince doesn’t own a phone.
2. He is not currently looking for someone to date (sorry ladies….and men)
3. His swag is undeniable.
4. Bumping into Prince and not saying excuse me will tick him off (doesn’t everybody hate this)
5. He can cook! (yes, such a catch)

Prince fans you can find the whole interview below! You are welcome 🙂

5. A First Look At Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix
andre 3000
Well, if you have been wondering what Andre 3000 has been up to lately, you know can see a sneak peek of an upcoming amazing project. Honing in on his acting chops again, this might be the biggest role for Andre 3000 as Ice Cold becomes the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Titled All is By My Side, below is the first clip that has been “released” from the film and so far, it looks like it is living up to all of the hype!


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