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Buy It Or Not?: Oxymoron by Schoolboy Q

(While reading, checkout Oxymoron on iTunes).
TDE is keeping their reign going, with Schoolboy Q being the one up to bat in 2014. Releasing his much-anticipated third studio album, Oxymoron, Q geared the hype with singles including Man Of The Year, Break The Bank, and the Kendrick Lamar enlisted track Collard Greens.

Oxymoron begins with an adorable introduction from Q’s daughter Joy, as she declares that in fact her father is a Gangsta. Q backs this up with his lyricism about the clichΓ© themes that come out of California. Gangsta is a quality introduction to the album, which is a familiar sound for Q. Oxymoron continues on by enlisting a Jay Rock feature on Los Awesome. Jay Rock happens to steal the show, in one of the many collaborations included on Oxymoron.

In an unlikely romantic song titled Studio, Q enlists singer BJ The Chicago Kid as they try to reach out to a special girl. Sounding similar to Kid Ink’s flow, Q shows off his “intimate”, sensual side. Although the verse eventually turns explicit, the track does take a break from the hardcore themes found on Oxymoron. The album also brings on 2 Chainz (What They Want), Raekwon (Blind Threats), and bringing out the best in Kurupt and Tyler, The Creator on Purge. These features also seem to bring the best out of Q himself, whereas, his solo songs, do not leave as much of an impact on the listener.

While Oxymoron is celebrated for being the Number One album in the country, was it worth all of the hype? No. Is it some of the best records that Q has released? Yes? Most can agree that although Q is not the most lyrical rapper in the TDE crew, he does indeed fit the mold of what makes up Top Dawg Entertainment. Although Oxymoron‘s large amount of features does not allow new and fans to get a full perspective of Q’s capability, the album does provide some replay worthy tunes. While Kendrick’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D City showed the more down side of California, infused with drugs and violence, Oxymoron does touch on that, but gives fans a side of the more relieving, enjoyable side of the state. Yet, Q also has the ability to explore his inner, sometimes paranoid thoughts that haunt him as seen with The Purge. Overall, Oxymoron lives up to its’ name, showing the various parallels not only within himself, but with the state that birthed him.

Personal Favorites: Los Awesome (featuring Jay Rock), What They Want (featuring 2 Chainz)


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