Throwback Thursday: Hey You by Floetry

After talking to The Floacist from Floetry last week, I grew a new found respect for not only her, but for the music her and her group (with Marsha Ambrosius) released. Floetry forever changed music, showing that the elements of poetry, Neo-Soul, and R&B can beat as one in the powerful world called music. Below is one of my favorite tracks from the group, in hopes that Floetry will once and for all try and come back, as one, for their fans!

While Marsha Ambrosius recently released her latest EP FVCK & LOVE (which you can download for free here), The Floacist is gearing up for the release of her third solo album Rise Of The Phoenix Mermaid, which will be released next Tuesday (March 18)!

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out my exclusive interview with The Floacist here, where we talk about everything from her upcoming album, how to feel good in love, and lastly, a possible Floetry reunion!


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