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This Day In….1968 The Bee Gees Made Their US Television Debut On The Ed Sullivan Show

bee gees
Lately, I have developed a newfound love for The Bee Gees after seeing Barry Gibb (the last surviving member) all over television including on Jimmy Fallon and Piers Morgan’s television shows. Now forty-six years later, we can continue to celebrate this group’s success, for on March 17, 1968, The Bee Gees made their first United States television debut. Performing on The Ed Sullivan Show, the group sung Words, which went on to become a Number One hit in China, Germany and Switzerland. The Bee Gees went on to create such infamous hits as Stayin’ Alive and Night Fever, with Barry Gibb having one of the most recognizable voices in music. Today, we can revisit history, as below you can see The Bee Gees making their television debut, just like it was yesterday!


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