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New Music: We Made It by Jay Electronica (featuring Jay Z)

we made it
The diss heard around the world. Jay Electronica returned to music this week and returned with a bang! Electronica teamed up with Jay Z to rap over Soulja Boy’s We Made It beat, which was later remade by Drake. While Jay Electronica takes the time on his verse to speak to the critics, Jay Z took some time to respond to Drake saying that art references in rap is played out, by saying:

Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much art talk
Silly me for rapping about s**t that I really bought.
While these rappers, rap about guns they ain’t shot,
and so much other silly s**t that they ain’t got.

Although it can be debated whether Hov calls Drake a mister or miss, he did prove that he can mingle with the President and still keep up with the young bucks in the industry. While people are only focused on the Drake name call, I think the bigger picture is Jay Z is making the point that most rappers in the game are not about the lives that they rap about. Only time will tell if or when Drake will respond to this comment, but until then listen to the track below!


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