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Buy It Or Not?: Pinch Me Quick by Kristyna Myles

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pinch me quick
Releasing their first album is every artists’ dream come true and for one of our Upcoming Artist, Kristyna Myles, she was able to make that dream come true this month! Pinch Me Quick comes after Myles released two stellar tracks, including Just Three Little Words and the track that led me to become fascinated with her voice, Paris Match. Leaving the major label behind to become an independent artist, Myles not only proves that one can always stay true to their heart, but Myles herself has the talent behind her to support her career, when sometimes music industry politics do not.

Pinch Me Quick begins with Someone, a jazzy record, supported with soulful background vocals as Myles states that all a girl wants is someone to make her feel beautiful. Throughout the album, Myles’ touches on the varying sentiments that come up in a relationship. With that, Myles also brings out her R&B side with the track Sorrow which provides minimal instrumentation, allowing her vocals and resonating lyrics, about a person with no regard for their partners feelings, lead the track.

Getting the story of a bad relationship out the way early, Pinch Me Quick moves on to a more positive note. On Make It Right, Myles, again, lets her soul come alive, while adding on a southern sound, pledging to fix a broken relationship after a fight. Right after making it right, Myles brings back the R&B, as she gushes over her lover on Wouldn’t Change A Thing. Expecting nothing less than flawless, Myles voice is just that, as she makes you want to fall in love with that special someone all over again!

Along with the romanticism, Pinch Me Quick also offers up some inspiration to its’ listeners. On Uninvited, she shows that she doesn’t need a man to make her feel whole, for her “confidence comes from within”. A track that every young girl, and woman alike, needs to hear, for reassurance to never settle for less. Myles provides more inspiration with the up-tempo Setback, which encourages us all to keep going, no matter how many rainy days we may have. This message is one that Myles has practiced in her own life, after she opted to go independent with her music after her major record label deal failed.

With Pinch Me Quick, Myles shows that with hard work and perseverance, dreams do come true. Writing thirteen of the fourteen tracks on the album, fans grow closer to Myles, for every lyric she sings is one that she has experienced in her own life. While I personally feel that Myles voice is the best when she embarks on R&B, Soul, and Jazz elements, she shows that she has the ability to tackle any type of track that comes to her. In the end, you will want someone to pinch you quick, to realize that the quality essence of Kristyna Myles voice is not a dream!

Personal Favorites: Sorrow, Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Be sure to check out Pinch Me Quick on iTunes or Amazon.


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