Video Alert: It’s My Time by Kelly Price

it's my time
Kelly Price is back and it is her time! After releasing the track earlier this year, Price has officially released the visual for It’s My Time! Price enlists a group of her celebrity friends to be featured performing the track including actress Lisa Raye, choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, and one of my favorite R&B singers Kenny Lattimore.
its my time 2
The video also features the storyline of two models: one petite and one plus size. While the petite immediately gets a callback, the plus-size model has to wait for her time to come! This story line is one Price has been an advocate for, not only in her own life but with her Too Fat For Fame campaign (which you can read about here). If you are ever feeling discouraged, this is definitely one of those tracks that you need to put on!

Price’s Sing Pray Love Vol. 1: Sing, will be released June 3!


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