Video Alert: Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) by Jhene Aiko

comfort inn ending 2
Update: April 28, 2014
It seems that singer Jhene Aiko has been letting go of some built up anger lately. In The Worst, fans saw Aiko straight up murder her lover and now, in the Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) visual, Aiko is pulling her Waiting to Exhale Bernadine card as she burns her mans stuff, even his Jordans. This captivating bonus track for her Sail Out EP tells the story of an unfaithful lover and how she regrets giving him her all. Directed by Topshelf Jr., Aiko pulls out all of her emotions, as she also goes on to key a car and confront the other woman. While Aiko is working on her upcoming debut album Souled Out, you can check out the Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) visual here, below, along with her Sail Out EP here.


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