Video Alert: Sweatpants by Childish Gambino (featuring Problem)

A room full of Gambino’s is what fans will see in his latest video for the track Sweatpants. Although fans can hear the Problem feature, they will not seem him in the video, but instead see a diner full of people turn into a diner full of interesting looking Childish Gambino’s. Though fans are excited for this visual, it seems that for Donald Glover, he did not have the same sentiment. As he took to Twitter, he states that his record label, Glassnote Records released the video ahead of schedule. This pissed Gambino off so much that he is asking to be brought out of his contract. Although I personally enjoyed the video, the label should do right by Gambino and hopefully this will all be resolved soon so fans can keep getting more classic music for the rapper. Be sure to peep the tweets and video below and if you haven’t already, check out because the internet here.


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