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Buy It Or Not?: Testimony by August Alsina

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This past year for August Alsina has been a complete whirlwind and for fans like myself whom have watched him transform from a mixtape phenom to having a Number One Billboard record, it has been a blast watching him reap the benefits of success. This crazy ride hits a peak as Alsina’s debut album, Testimony, has been released. As he likes to refer to himself, the “little n***a from New Orleans” has truly made it and it is now his time to tell his story to the world. Supported by lead single Make It Home (featuring Young Jeezy) and Ghetto (featuring Yo Gotti), Testimony is one of the best debut albums I have ever heard and proves that Alsina will have longevity in this industry.

Testimony begins with the track Testify, where Alsina stands before his audience, pouring out his heart and revealing the vivid details of his rough upbringing. He even touches on his brothers death which fans have become familiar with over time. While many artists nowadays want to hide behind false personas and autotune, Alsina opens Testimony, not shying away from letting his fans know whom he really is. And he does all of this with such a passionate voice that he can deliver in the studio and live. Along with Testify, Alsina gives fans another moment of inspiration with Right There, which could easily become a theme song for anyone facing adversity in their lives. Alsina embodies the theme of “started from the bottom, now we here” and he understands anyone whom is trying to turn their lives around for the best, which he alludes to on Right There.

Along with some inspiration, Alsina creates some sexy tracks to spice up the bedroom. When the track list for Testimony was released, many wanted to hear Porn Star and the track holds up to the title. Admiring how his lady rides him like a surfboard, this is one of many records that shows Alsina’s versatility in his lyrics. He slows it down again on Testimony with the previously released Kissin’ On My Tattoos, where he only wants that special girl to be the one kissing on his tattoos and much more.

After this brief moment of orgasmic tunes, Testimony continues on with a touching ode to the light of his life, his Mama. Never forgetting how she raised him to be the man that he is, Alsina aims to show his mother how his actions remembers her lessons. Testimony concludes with another previously released track, Benediction. Just like in church, Alsina begins with him testifying and ends with an uplifting record, which features Rick Ross, tying up the theme that he finally made it to where he wanted to be in life.

If August Alsina’s voice does not captivate, his story damn sure will. As told many times, over and over, Alsina’s courage to continue on when life hit him the hardest is the reason why his lyrics and voice resonates with you more than others in the industry. He does not just talk about it, he lives it. Testimony is an album you can play from beginning to end and furthermore than that, it shows that no matter where you come from, you can always make your dreams come true!
Personal Favorites: Right There, Porn Star, Kissin’ On My Tattoos
Purchase Testimony here.


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