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New Music: Sweet Lemonade by Joelle James

sweet lemonade
If you are an avid fan o Chris Brown, then you know the name Joelle James from his Boy In Detention mixtape as she knocked our socks off with her powerful verse on Leave The Club. Fans haven’t heard much from her since, but finally it seems that 2014 will be the year that we get what we have all been waiting for, as she released her new track Sweet Lemonade.

In this track, James feels like it is, “summer with a sweet chance of rain”, where she cannot bring herself to stop loving her beau. This track samples Fantasia’s Lighthouse record and was penned by the one and only Chris Brown. Although it was written a couple of years ago, James released the track to support her boss doing this trying time. While Chris is going through his troubles, I think that this will be the perfect time for James and other CBE artists to put out their music and show what they are made of, by keeping CBE name alive in music, for the right reason!


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