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New Music: Mt Olympus by Big Krit

Update: May 9, 2014
Watch the official video for Mt. Olympus here.

mt olympus

Prepping for the release of his sophomore album, Cadillactica, Big Krit goes IN for the first single, Mt Olympus. While many people initially did not want to hear his music, most are behind him, as he raps:

Now they wanna hear a country n***a rap,
5 albums in, I swear a country n***a snap.
Thought they wanted trap, thought they wanted bass,
thought they wanted molly, thought they wanted drank.
F**k them n***as

He even gets the last word on Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse, which K. Dot mentioned him on. Big Krit is sick and tired of being asked about the verse, when he didn’t see it as a diss. Furthermore than that, he compares Control to, “an ugly b***h everybody done f***ed raw”, referring to how people in Hip Hop payed too much attention to it.

I am not really sure what made Krit snap off, but I am glad for it and can’t wait to hear his upcoming album which is expected this fall!


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