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New Music: Chicago by Michael Jackson

The first details that we received about Michael Jackson’s upcoming album, Xscape, came from superproducer Timbaland, who stated a while back that he was working on new MJ music. Now, before Xscape‘s release next Tuesday (May 13), we are getting a taste of what Timbo has been working on all of this time, because the long-awaited record Chicago has surfaced online! Written by Cory Rooney, Chicago was originally slated to be on Jackson’s 2001 Invincible album, but it did not make the cut. Yet, thirteen years later, this record is still gold, as it has been modernized by Timberlake, as Jackson sings painfully about being apart of an affair, in which he had no idea about. Just like his Love Never Felt So Good record, it seems that producers have not altered Jackson’s voice, keeping it as authentic as possible, and most importantly the voice we all love and remember. Xscape is gearing up to be a great album, but for now, you can listen to Chicago here!

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