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New Music: Thanks To My Ex by Nelly

thanks to my ex
In case you have been hiding under the rock for the past couple of weeks, rapper Nelly and boxer Floyd Mayweather are in a heated beef…well, not really. Yet, the two friends have indeed fallen out over, yep you guessed it, a woman. Since his ex Shantel Jackson has started dating his friend Nelly, Floyd Mayweather has acted very immature, even by revealing that Jackson had an abortion. Now, Nelly is using music to fight fire with fire, by not only throwing stones at Mayweather, but also his own ex, Ashanti. In Thanks To My Ex, Nelly takes it upon himself to give thanks to both he and Jackson’s ex for “messing up”, which led them to each other, by saying:

I’m glad he lied to your face.
I’m glad she made those mistakes.
Because you wouldn’t be here now,
I wouldn’t be here now.
We wouldn’t be here now.
Thanks to my ex.

Although I personally enjoyed Nelly in his Drake moment, the details that led to the record make me dislike it. Especially the fact that two men have to go this far in ousting both of their exes for no significant reason.


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