Mixtape Mania: Waiting Game by Sebastian Mikael

Download Sebastian Mikael’s Waiting Game mixtape here.

waiting game

Sebastian Mikael blasted on the scene last year with his Al B. Sure! sampled record Last Night which also featured Wale. When I talked to him this past March, he stated this most of the songs from his long-awaited Waiting Game mixtape had been added, “to the album [Speechless] instead”. Yet it seems that with time, things have changed, for Mikael kept his promise to fans and indeed released the tape. Infused with quotes from Eddie Murphy’s Coming To America, Waiting Game is primarily produced by KJ & Joker, and like many modern artists, he ties in movie clips with the music. Along with that, Mikael uses the tape as a therapy session to get over a past relationship, just as he did with his current single Forever.

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Another sneak peek that Mikael gave me during his interview was that on his album, there would be a collaboration between he and Teyana Taylor. It seems that he could not wait for the album to release that, for Made For Me is featured on Waiting Game. Fans will be excited to finally hear new music from TT, with a refreshing sound as the two voices blend together magically, as they express that no matter what others say, the two were put on this Earth for each other.

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Waiting Game concludes with Still Got It For You, as Mikael continues to make usage of his guitar, as he pours his heart the he still has a thing for his ex. Overall, the tape is a short (with only four of the six being full-length), but still a wonderful prelude to his debut album Speechless. Despite the title of his album, Mikael never has a lack of words to express his current feelings on the state of love in his life.

Personal Favorites: Throw It Up, Made For Me (featuring Teyana Taylor)
Be sure to download Waiting Game here.


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