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Buy It Or Not?: Ke’Ke by KeKe Wyatt

The always outspoken R&B Diva KeKe Wyatt, puts her vocal cords back to use for slaying tracks instead of throwing shade. To spark anticipation for her forthcoming winter album, Wyatt released her self-titled five track EP Ke’Ke as she powerfully sings on the topic and various feelings of love.

1. Fall In Love: The first record released from the EP, Ke’Ke starts off strong, as she describes that her sweet loving touch is simple enough to make someone fall in love with her.

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2. Rain (featuring Pusha T): As she anticipates her touch making her beau fall in love, Wyatt gives fans a grown-up, metaphorical track with Rain. Her waterfall of love lasts all night, with a cliche beat, but a stellar 16 from VA’s Pusha T. With her tenure in the industry, Wyatt shows she is able to gain the high caliber features that keep her up with the times.

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3. Another Lifetime: On this mid-tempo record, Ke’Ke relays the message of a love that is perfect for her, but has wrong timing, due to their inability to keep from hurting one another. Yet, Wyatt keeps hope that soon enough they will meet again and their love will work. With a simple melody, Wyatt does not need to do much to express their heart-breaking emotions that are embedded within the lyrics.

4. Remember (featuring Nitty Scott, MC): Following themes of love, Wyatt creates an anthem for the ladies that is reminiscent of Fantasia’s Without Me, as her and Nitty Scott, MC remind their significant others that they were on, long before he came around.

5. Lie Under You: With a melody similar to 112’s Cupid, Wyatt pours out her heart about how much she loves her beau and how she wants to spend every moment with him. Unleashing power and force in her vocals, Wyatt perfectly creates a portrait of love that everyone wants to experience in life.

Every song on this EP has the caliber to be a hit, and with its success hopefully more will appreicate the vocal capacity of Wyatt, but help her become a more prominent name in R&B, other than for being an Atlanta Diva. Stay tuned here for more details on her upcoming album, but for now, you can purchase Ke’Ke’ here!

Personal Favorite: Lie Under You


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