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New Music: Lemonade by Danity Kane

Summer time is here and music artists are here to quench our thirst! With Joelle James giving us Sweet Lemonade, Danity Kane soura us back up with just pure, bitter lemonade. Following their comeback single Bye Baby, DK samples VA’s Clipse’s Grindin beat along with a verse from T Rawww. Dawn Richard described the song by saying:

Thank you to every person that cussed us out for taking too long. This is for u! And to the haters… Shout out to that sour ass look on yo face.

It seems that haters may not be the only ones having a sour thought about DK because word on the street is that Aundrea is no longer apart of DK. Not only is she not heard on the song, but there is only three little girls featured on the Lemonade single cover (seen above) instead of the groups four. Fans will probably not be too happy about losing yet another member, especially when the group hits the road soon for their No Filter tour.

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