Video Alert: Smartphones by Trey Songz


Modern technology can be a bish and change your whole life around, showing your flaws and mistakes to the world. For Trey Songz, Smartphones did that. In his latest video, a night of cheating goes wrong when he accidentally calls his girlfriend. To fix it, Songz is prompted to, “run to her and lie right to her face”, but finds her and his belongings gone, in a pool, until he frantically pulls his love out. Long story short: just don’t lie and cheat and you won’t have to worry about any of this.

Following the recent trend of videos from Songz, Smartphones is also in black and white, which helps the dramatics come across stronger. Along with the video, fans will be excited to know that Trigga finally has a release date: July 1! Though the official tracklisting has yet to be released, you can pre-order the album here!

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