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Music I Missed: Westside by Mila J

Originally released: March 28, 2014
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Mila J first came onto my radar a couple of weeks ago when she released her sexy Smoke, Drink, Break Up video. Yet, for those in my same position, do not get it twisted for Mila J has been around for awhile, being apart of both groups Gyrl and Dame Four. Along with that, she also happens to be the older sister of a big breakout artist from 2013: Jhene Aiko. Despite being sisters, the two artists have very different styles as Mila J strongly shows on her Westside mixtape.

While Jhene Aiko seems to be the more soft-spoken voiced one, Mila J is definitely more aggressive, with a stronger singing voice and the way that she approaches her music. With the differences, the two do have similarities, for they both like to dabble into rapping. Mila J shows this right off the back, as Westside starts with her spitting on Can You Hear It. On this track, Mila J sounds a lot like the rapper Amil, whom was Jay Z’s protege in the late nineties. Though this track leads Westside to start out weak, the rest of it is perfect as she mixes both styles of rapping and singing into one.

With a hint of Aaliyah, Mila J touches on common themes that are prevalent in most R&B songs including a hidden relationship (Go Public), being the side chick ( Hold Up, [Wait A Minute]), and just being in love (U Remind Me). Westside has given the Mila J’s career another chance and has opened more fans ears to her music. With the upcoming release of her album M.I.L.A., hopefully we will get some of the same great music presented on Westside that we can all groove to nonstop.

Personal Favorites: Make Believe, Hold Up (Wait A Minute)
Download Westside here!

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