Throwback Thursday: Run Joe by Maya Angelou

Yesterday, we lost a giant. Ms Maya Angelou whom did so much for us all, by showing us how to live life to the fullest and have a high regard for ourselves while doing it. She goes by many titles including author, poet, teacher, but many may not have been familiar with Maya Angelou the singer. During the fifties, Angelou was Miss Calypso, creating work for the calypso era that was created by actor Harry Belafonte. Her album, Miss Calypso, was her one and only, before she went on to create the legendary work we are so familiar with today.

Below you can experience her soulful voice on Run Joe, as she told the story of police brutality that is still relevant today, fifty years later. Ms. Angelou, thank you for all your teachings and may your beautiful spirit be at rest.

As you remember Maya Angelou, tell me what your favorite quote from her was below.


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