Video Alert: Animal by Keke Palmer


Still not even old enough to drink, Keke Palmer hustles harder than many twice her age. As she steadily works on her music career, she has a new movie coming out on June 17! Animal is about a group of close friends whom take a vacation, but end up being the hunt of a threatening creature.

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Not only is Palmer starring in the movie, but she also provides the soundtrack with a record of the same title. In the video for Animal, Palmer describes how a breakup turns her from a good girl to a filthy beast. Palmer shows this transition by doing dresses to wild hair, with only a t-shirt and underwear on.

As if that was not enough to Keke Palmer, she is also gearing up for the premiere of her new talk show. Simply called Just Keke, it will begin airing June 30, Monday through Friday, at 5pm, on BET and cover a wide array of issues for younger audiences including fashion and relationships. Just Keke makes Keke Palmer the youngest talk show host ever! Also, be sure to check out Animal when it hits theaters June 17!


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