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Buy It Or Not?: Xscape by Michael Jackson


There is no disputing that Michael Jackson is not only one of the greatest entertainers ever, but generations in the future will love his music just as much as living fans do now. Therefore the Xscape album was not necessarily needed if its goal was to introduce Jackson to a newer audience. At the same time, no one would turn down the opportunity to hear unreleased music from the Pop Legend.

Love Never Felt So Good: The first track released from the album, this record instantly became popular, leading commercial airwaves and even being heard on various Jeep commercials. While the Justin Timberlake addition was unnecessary, the original “happy” record makes you gush over your special someone.

Chicago: Following the song of good loving, Xscape continues with another released record from the album. On Chicago, Jackson seemingly gives both sides of the story. While has unknowingly become the “side man”, in his calm voice he tells how the woman was loving him and then in the same breath, with passion and aggression, Jackson expresses how the woman lied to him. Despite another up-tempo tune, the pain of lies embedded in this record you can feel through the speakers.

Loving You: After pain comes the rainbow and Xscape follows a chilling song with love and happiness. Jackson’s voice has a unique ability to instantly bring a smile to anyone’s face and Loving You is the prime example of that. In the song, when Jackson is having a cloudy day, he stays home, in bed, with his love. If you are experiencing a rough day, just put this record on.

A Place With No Name: On our bad days, we all have dreams of a much calmer, happier place that we can escape (xscape) to. Jackson gives us a theme song of this thought with this record.  A couple of years ago, this record surfaced online, and although there is nothing standout about it, its’ catchy melody will have you rocking side to side, with your cheekbones in the air, singing along.

Slave To The Rhythm: This record will always be synonymous to Jackson’s hologram performance at the 2014 Billboard Awards, therefore if it was eerie to watch like it was for me, then the song will take you back to that moment. Regardless of that, the song itself is worth the time to bust a couple of dance moves.

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Do You Know Where Your Children Are: With dance and love/heartbreak songs checked off the list, no Jackson project would be complete without giving us something to think about. Originally recorded during Jackson’s Bad days, the song resonates more than ever, especially with the recent string of violence amongst the youth in this country. Always one to uplift the younger generations, Jackson poignantly ask this one simple question throughout the song: Do you know where your children are?

Blue Gangsta: Getting even darker and edgier, this track sounds like the sequel to Chicago, where Jackson again sings of an unfaithful lover and friend whom has someone else on the side. This pain has led Jackson to vow to never fall in love again. Edgy Jackson with falsetto notes is a perfect mesh of music.

Xscape: The album ends with its self-titled track Xscape. Here, Jackson wants to get rid of many woes in his life, including bad press and even worse relationships. This song is sort of eerie to hear, as Jackson sings of the much pain in his life, and cries out for a way to get out. If you read too much into the lyrics, the song will make you sad, but if you just enjoy the pure music, it provides a solid conclusion to the album

While there are two versions of Xscape ( the revamped songs and the originals), my only problem is that only the original tracks should have been released. The revised versions do nothing for it and I doubt that Jackson would have approved of the new sound. I think keeping the songs the way they were are perfect because it shows that with little instrumentation, Jackson writing and voice alone, proved him to be genius.

Personal Favorites: Chicago, Loving You

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