Video Alert: You’re My Star by Tank

Updated: June 19, 2014
Tracklisting & iTunes Link Below!

you're my star

Finally we are getting the visual for Tank’s latest single You’re My Star. My R&B husband returns with a black and white video that (just like the song) embodies soul with classy attire and soulful dance moves. Like most Tank videos it is simple and to the point, while Tank lets his voice do all of the work.

Check out the album artwork below and be sure to mark your calendars because June 17 Stronger will be available for pre-order on iTunes! Stronger will be released August 12, but you can pre-order the album here!

Stronger Album Cover:

Stronger Tracklisting:
1. You’re My Star
2. Nobody Better
3. Dance With Me
4. I Gotta Have It
5. Missing You
6. Same Way
7. Hope This Makes You Love Me
8. Stronger
9. Thanking You
10. If That’s What You Take


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