Throwback Thursday: Buzzin by Shwayze

The other day while watching TMZ, Shwayze appeared on the screen. I instantly recognized the face, that still looks the same all of these years later. Yet, for the LIFE of me, could not remember the name of the song that he had, that I was so obsessed with in 2008.


The title finally came to me, but I still could not remember the melody. A simple Google search will fix that and then I clicked the official video for Buzzin and now these lyrics have been imprinted on my mind every since:

I met her at a backyard block party by the bar.
She kept looking at me like she knew I was…
She was buzzin all over me, she was buzzing all over me,
She was buzzin all over me like she fell in love.

I had to share this trip down memory lane with you all! If you are like me and wondering what Shwayze had been up to since then, he has released four projects since his 2008 self-titled debut album. Although none have reached the success of his debut, we can still enjoy the 2008 summer anthem Buzzin today and many more days in the future!


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