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This Day In…..1971 Tupac Was Born!


In life, we say the phrase “what if” more frequently than we would want. When we think of Tupac, we usually think “what if he would have lived”, “what would rap be like”, “who would still be popular in rap and who wouldn’t”? In the end, none of these scenarios will bring him back. Yet, on days like his birthday, we can use them as a day of reflection and remembrance and today is that day!

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On June 16, 1971, Tupac Amaru Shakur was born. Birthed in East Harlem, little did the world know that years later, we would see one of the greatest rappers who ever lived. Although he was taken away before his time, Shakur continues to live on! Not only through his music, but now on Broadway! Yes, you read that right. Shakur’s music is used in the new play Holler If Ya Hear Me, which is produced by his mother, that tells the story of love and friendship. View the dates and tickets here, but most importantly Happy Birthday Pac! Continue to Rest In Peace and thank you for all of the music and memories!


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