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Buy It Or Not?: Sing, Pray, Love: Vol 1 by Kelly Price

sing pray love
“When life gets crazy, I sing. I pray. I love.”

Kelly Price begins her sixth studio album Sing, Pray, Love Vol 1: Sing, with that line which truly sums up her life in the past year. After appearing on the first season of R&B Divas: LA, Price got a lot of flack for being an aggressive bully. Though it seems that editing is the blame for that image, some fans were done with Price forever. Yet, music fans stuck to Price, knowing that one thing no one can ever take away from her is her voice.

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From beginning to end, Sing, Pray, Love Vol 1: Sing is an inspirational compilation. After the opening Interlude, the album starts with It’s My Time, which is the lead single from the album. Fans will recall that Price puts the obstacles and negativity aside, as she declares that nothing will stop her from succeeding and celebrating life. Many would have expected her to quit after R&B Divas: LA, but instead, she keeps moving on and giving fans classic sound. Following It’s My Time is the second single from the album, Back 2 Love. Featuring Ruben Studdard, two hearts find each other again, as Studdard and Price’s voice sound like a match made in music heaven.

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Sing, Pray, Love, Vol 1: Sing also features Algebra Blessett on Conversations With HER. The record is similar to Brandy and Monica’s The Boy Is Mine, but Blessett and Price put their grown woman stamp on it. Blessett plays the sideline wife whom stole and married Price’s man, and calls Price for advice when karma “knocks at her door”. A twist at the end is that Price is the new other woman. On this ballad, Blessett & price tell the story that so many women are experiencing nowadays. Musically, no one outshines the other, as Price gives Blessett the chance to shine on her record, which is rare between female vocalists.

Other standout tracks from the album include Through The Fire, where Price puts her spin on the classic Chaka Khan record of the same name. Known for such a powerful voice, Price holds her own as she pays homage to the legendary Khan and yes, the chills will still run down your spine when Price hits those high notes. Another one is Think Again (Sheps Sermon), as Price tells her lover to rethink their relationship as she is left with a broken heart and a pillow full of tears. With a similar sound to Whitney Houston’s Heartbreak Hotel, Price not only finds her only strength to leave her unfaithful man, but sends this strength to many woman who need to hear that message.

Sing, Pray, Love Vol 1: Sing concludes with the ballad Metamorphosis, as Price sings about how everyday she presents a brand new HER, as she is still growing and learning with every brand new moment in life she is given. This album gave Price a chance to not only shut the hate up, but show that we all mistakes, yet it is how we grow and change from it that matters. Throughout the negativity, Price remained positive and showed that with a high head, it is never too late to make your life, your time to become the best you that you can possibly be!

Purchase Sing, Pray, Love, Vol 1: Sing here!

Personal Favorites: Back 2 Love (featuring Ruben Studdard), Through The Fire, Conversations With HER (featuring Algebra Blessett)


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