Video Alert: Lights Please by J. Cole

lights please

Better late than never? Five years later, fans are finally receiving the official video to Cole’s Lights Please. This low-definition video just shows Cole rendezvousing with his love interest, in between performing the track on top of a building. So, why the wait you may ask? Cole felt like he sold out, due to the fact that he was doing things he would never do: i.e. R&B-esque love scenes and smoking a blunt. I think it is a good think that he held off from releasing this video, because it is not that great, but five years later, all can be forgiven.

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Along with the release of his Lights Please video, J. Cole also announced his second annual Dollar & A Dream Tour! Just like the first one, tickets are only a dollar and only sold at the door! It comes on a first come, first serve basis, so if Cole is coming to your town, make sure you arrive early!! Peep the dates below, in the official press release for the tour!

a dollar and a dream


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