Inspirational Sunday

Inspirational Sunday: Say Yes by Michelle Williams (featuring Beyonce & Kelly Rowland)


Destiny’s Child reunites, if only for one track. If you have not already heard, Michelle Williams recruited Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland for her gospel/ island infused record Say Yes. Now, for this Inspirational Sunday, the three team up again for the official video for Say Yes. The ladies not only get glammed up, in a field, but they meet up for a turned up Christian night out, house party.

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While watching the video, two things resonated with me. One, the obvious Christian theme that with faith anything is possible and no is not an option. Along with that, it is great how time and time again, these three women, whom are individually successful, come together to support one another. Whether it is Beyonce performing at the Superbowl, Kelly’s baby shower, or a video shoot for Michelle, they are always there for one another. This Sunday, as women (and you men out there), we should shoot more for supporting one another, than tearing each other down, especially when we are in the same career field. Destiny’s Child shows that when we do, we have a tendency to be more successful together, than alone!.


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