Video Alert: Walk It Out by Jennifer Hudson (featuring Timbaland)

walk it out 1

In Jennifer Hudson’s latest video for Walk It Out, the leading lady gets all dolled up, strolling down the street, to turn down guys. Not only is she admired by a hunky neighborhood basketball player, but Walk It Out also features Hudson’s real life fiancee/wrestler David Otunga.

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walk it out 2

As Timbaland beatboxes in the background, Hudson meets up with her leading man again, who gifts her with car keys as they drive away happily ever happy. If all love worked like this, eh? Anyways, Hudson is working on her upcoming third studio album which is still slated to be released this year. Along with that, she is not only coming up with the concept album for the Broadway musical Finding Neverland, but she is also set to perform at this Sunday’s (June 29) BET Awards!


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