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New Music: Stronger by Tank


If you follow Tank on Instagram, then you know he has found (re)found with Zena Foster, who is the mother of his daughter Zoey. That tad bit of information explains all of the recent, happy go-lucky tracks from Tank. Along with You’re My Star, Tank returns with the title track off of his upcoming album. In this ballad he sings how his love builds him up and makes him a better individual, as he sings:

Look at me I’m stronger, than I ever been.
Where I am is no longer, when I’ve been.
Now look me, I’m stronger, than I ever been.
Look at me, I’m stronger, and it’s all because of you

Along with being Stronger, Tank is also on his way to being even more successful with the release of his sixth studio album! Even though it is not released until August 12, fans can pre-order the album here and get an instant download of the title track heard below!

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