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Buy It Or Not?: AKA by Jennifer Lopez

Thirteen years ago, Jennifer Lopez blessed us with Jenny From The Block, where she sung:

“Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got.
I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block”

Now in her mid forties, it seems that more than ever Lopez is attempting to prove this to the world. If you are like me, you would agree that with all her success, she does not need to. Yet, on AKA it shows that she feels she does, but it ultimately leads to a unnoticeable, unsuccessful album. Ironically, the best releases from Lopez in the last year or so, Girls (featuring Tyga) and Same Girl, are not on the standard version of the album.

1. AKA (featuring T.I.): AKA opens with its’ title track which takes awhile to gravitate to and begin to like. Featuring T.I. (who brings his classic turn up flavor), AKA is reminiscent of a rap record, as Lopez sings about changing up her alias due to a broken heart.

2. First Love: The opener is followed by the best release from Lopez’ AKA album. First Love is a record that fits her age and has a timeless sound to it. A track that she can still perform twenty years from now, while she talks about her favorite subject: love.

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3. Never Satisfied: Allowing her vocals to continue to show, Lopez continues on AKA with another love ballad. J. Lo is “never satisfied” with the love that she gets from her boo. Instead of negative satisfaction, Lopez needs more love from her significant other because it “brings her back to life”. Like First Love, Never Satisfied is another track that fits the Lopez’ future brand.

4. I Luh Ya Papi (featuring French Montana): The first official track from AKA, I Luh Ya Papi gave fans that classic fun J. Lo vibe. Combining old school with new school, French Montana adds his 16 to the track that brings up-tempo to the album. No matter how repetitive you may think the song is, it just sticks in your head, like many other J. Lo tracks.

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5. Acting Like That (featuring Iggy Azalea): J. Lo gets another rap feature, this time from Iggy Azalea. During her interview with Wendy Williams, Lopez declared this track as one of her favorites and I see why.

6. Emotions: Despite giving us fun tracks to karaoke to, No one has ever claimed J. Lo of having the best vocals in the industry. Co-written by Chris Brown, Lopez gives us a great message to relate to on Emotions, but as a listener, this song is very hard to listen to. Everyone can relate to a broken love-making one cold, but as J. Lo strains all over this record, it is hard (even unbearable) to listen to.

7. So Good: Instead of aiming for high notes that are out of her range, So Good shows the lane that she should stay in. Leaving her emotions aside, Lopez sings about being over her past lover, no matter how much he may bring to the table. Between Emotions and So Good, Lopez shows that it is acceptable to have a down moment after a broken love, but do not let it break you. Remind you of anyone’s love life?

8. Let It Be Me: AKA continues on with Let It Be Me, which sounds like it could be the musical background for a dramatic scene in a Disney Film. With soulful guitar strings and a violin, Lopez just wants to be the last for everything in her lovers life. To death do them part, as Lopez pours her heart out in the lyrics of this track.

9. Worry No More (featuring Rick Ross): Going back to the prominent Hip Hop theme on the album, J. Lo tries her hand with auto-tune on this record. Featuring MMG leader Rick Ross, J. Lo’s new love is going to take all of her worries away. Not an outstanding, A+ record, but it brings the up-tempo, urban feel of AKA back.

10. Booty (featuring Pitbull): It would not be a Jennifer Lopez project if the Cuban sensations Pitbull was not included on it, so Lopez gave him the opportunity to close out the standard version of the album. In 2014, no album is complete with a theme for the twekers and the queen of the Latin donk gives the women with well-endowed derriere a song to dance in the mirror and be proud of. Like I Luh Ya Papi, no matter how you try to block the song out of your head and not enjoy it, you ultimately will be singing along with it in no time.

11. TENS (featuring Jack Mizrahi): The party on the deluxe version of the album continues on with a song slayed for the GODS! This track is a drag queen theme to walk for their lives, as she gives them all tens!

12. Troubeaux (featuring Nas): Hip Hop makes another appearance on AKA with this track and when you sample a Hip Hop classic, you have to get a feature from a Hip Hop legend: Nas. Again talking about love, Lopez settles for an un-ordinary love, which ultimately leads to trouble, but good girls love bad boys. (Puff Daddy?)

13. Expertease (Ready Set Go): J. Lo gives us a sneak peek into her bedroom with this track. Another decent vocal track from Lopez, she proclaims that she is an expert at being a tease in the bed.

14. Same Girl (featuring French Montana): The deluxe version of AKA ends with Same Girl, with another French Montana feature to further emphasize the point, that Jennifer Lopez is Jenny from the Block.

It only takes one listen to realize that this is not Jennifer Lopez’ best album and could be debated that it is the worst. Jennifer Lopez tries to stay current with her urban tracks, but needs to realize that with singles like First Love, she shines the most. Yet, fluctuating between Pop and Hip Hop is what throws the album off and feel like a random shuffle on iTunes. For the next project, Lopez needs to work a little bit harder on not only her vocals, but having a sound that fits her range and age.
Purchase AKA here!

Personal Favorites: First Love, I Luh Ya Papi (featuring French Montana), Troubeaux (featuring Nas)


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