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Buy It Or Not?: Trigga by Trey Songz

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After his last album, Chapter V, there was an unsettling feelings that we may have lost Songz to the Pop world forever. Yet, Songz made a drastic change by returning back to Atlantic Records, the label that gave him the chance in the first place. Songz fans were ecstatic for that, and rightfully so because his return to Atlantic meant a return back to the R&B sound we all love. The result of this move was Trigga, which brought Songz a slew of hits including Na Na, Smartphones, and Change Your Mind. Introducing these hits made it obvious that Trigga would be one of Songz best projects yet and the album proved us right.

Trigga starts with Cake where Trey wants to have his cake and he eat it too as he promotes affairs. This sing-along track brings you in with a pleasant feeling, as Songz croons over the track, not missing a beat or a note.

Cheating is a prominent theme on Trigga as seen with tracks like Cake and also Disrespectful. Featuring Mila J, her and Songz show that sometimes cheating has no limits, including introducing your parents to the side parents. Though Mila J sounds whiny at times, no one else could have sung a disrespectful song in such a gangsta, but lady like way. Along with getting a feature from Mila J, Songz seems to also piggy back off her single, Smoke, Drink, Break Up with All We Do, where he sings “all we do is fuck, drink, and sleep”.

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Like Mila J, Songz also gets help from Nicki Minaj on Touchin, Lovin, along with getting an idea from her Yaasss Bish song, as he gives a new reason to use the slang on Y.A.S. Here his woman is left with nothing good at all to say but “you ain’t s**t”.

Revisiting another released track, Trigga features a remix to his single Foreign on Trigga. Trey gives fans another surprise guest with Justin Bieber, who has no problem holding his own and he grows up through our headphones. Having a hard time to win over R&B fans, Songz does Bieber a huge favor with this feature and fans can not get enough of Foreign!

If that is not enough for you, Songz also features Juicy J and Ty Dolla $ign. Though the tracks with the features are some of the best offerings from Trigga, the secondary artists are just that because Songz holds Trigga down all on his own. Trigga concludes with Songz putting his nickname to work with the track Mr. Steal Your Girl, as he has no problem taking your woman to get what he wants.

Trey Songz has the Number One album in the country and that is justified because Trigga is one of those rare albums that you can listen to from beginning to end: no skips. Unlike most of his past compilations, Songz leaves the ballads behind and gives fans a project that can be vital to the bedroom, hopefully with your main and not your side piece. Musically, Trigga is one of Songz projects to date (hard to compare to Ready) and shows why Trey is one of the reigning R&B artists of our time!

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