Throwback Thursday: Be Your Girl by Teedra Moses

complex simplicity
This past July 20 marks the tenth anniversary release of one of my favorite albums: Complex Simplicity! Although I was only eleven when Teedra Moses released this album, I was grateful to discover it in my teen years and become engrossed with her voice and talents just like everyone else. Unfortunately, Complex Simplicity is the only album from Moses, but what is remarkable about that fact, is that ten years later, when she releases a single or a project, everyone listens.

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“The Queen Of The Underground” is what some call her, for Moses’ dedicated fans (like myself) keep her name relevant, allowing more new listeners to discover her every year. While she is working on her upcoming project Cognac & Conversations, we take a trip down memory lane today with her debut single Be Your Girl!

P.S. If you do not already have it in your collection, do yourself a favor and purchase Complex Simplicity here!


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