Spill The Tea

Spill The Tea: Naya Rivera Is A Married Woman- NOT To Big Sean, J. Dilla Honored By Smithsonian, & More!!

1. Naya Rivera Marries Fellow Actor Ryan Dorsey!


Big Sean now has one less f*****g problem. This is because his ex-fiancee Naya Rivera is now a married woman, not to Sean, but to friend and fellow actor Ryan Dorsey. If you already paid for the dress and location, you might as well use it right? In traditional tacky Rivera fashion, she married Dorsey on July 19 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, donned in a Monique Lhuillier gown. This is the same date, place, and dress that her and Sean had set for their union, before they split in April. I guess I’ll end with a congratulations and all of us will be here to see how long this lasts.

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2. J Dilla Collectibles Now Apart Of The Smithsonian Collection
j dillia
Although J Dilla is not here, he is still being missed by the world of music. Now he is officially apart of history forever! His mother Maureen Yancy donated his Moog synthesizer and MPC beat machine to the National Museum of African American History and Culture which will open in 2016. J Dilla’s collectibles will appear in the Musical Crossroads section of the museum and what a great way to memorialize someone whom left us too soon!
j dilla mom

3. Whitney Houston Biopic Update!
whitney biopic
Lately, it seems that it is not a complete week in music unless we have some biopic news. This week is no exception! Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, we have the first glimpse of Yaya DaCosta in action playing Whitney Houston. DaCosta has the look down, but the talking is a little off. Hopefully she can get a stronger grip on the Houston speech before production ends.

Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight

Also in the preview below, we are introduced to the actor who will play Bobby Brown. His name is Arlen Escarpeta and like DaCosta is a fairly new, unknown actor. He looks the part, but we will just have to wait until next year to see if this film can live up to our hopes.

4. Aaliyah Biopic Update!
aaliyah biopic
If you are lost on what has been going on with the Aaliyah biopic, here is a recap:
Zendaya was casted as Aaliyah.
People hated that and criticized that she was not “black enough” to play Aaliyah.
Zendaya then quit the film, out of respect for the family not wanting the film to be mad (or in laments terms: due to the controversy and backlash).

Now you are up to speed! Now there is a new actress and producer putting the film in motion. First, lets start with the new executive producer: my aunt in my head- Wendy Williams! This now explains why she had been so outspoken on her show about the film and how it should happen.

As for the role of Aaliyah? She will be played by Alexandra Shipp, a Nickleodean star, who has starred in House of Anubis! From the picture above, she definitely looks the part and I hope she can pull Babygirl off! Filming for this movie is set to resume this summer!


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