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New Music: Mirror, Mirror by Keke Palmer


2014 is now the year of KeKe Palmer! She already made history once already this year with her BET talk show, Just KeKe, which made her the youngest talk show host ever! Now, shes back at it again, becoming the first black Cinderella to appear on Broadway! Granted she is not the first black Cinderella ever (que Brandy), but to be the first on Broadway is a HUGE DEAL! KeKe Palmer’s debut will happen on September 9, which is almost a month away, but I am sure that her and Sherri Shepard, who will be playing her awful stepmother, are ready for the challenge!
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Along with her historic endeavors, KeKe Palmer is not straying far away from music, as she shows with her latest release, Mirror, Mirror. Going along with the fairy tale role, Palmer asks her mirror not if she’s the fairest of them all, but if her true love is being honest with her. Keke Palmer is an overall talent and a great influence for young women!


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