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Buy It Or Not?: Stronger by Tank

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Music is always a reflection of our emotions in life. Whether we write, perform, or just listen to it, music is a form of therapy for the good and bad experiences we encounter. The R&B General Tank returns with his sixth solo album, Stronger, with a more positive, up-beat tone than fans may be used to. This is shown on the lead singles from the record, You’re My Star and Dance With Me, where the ballad king gives us tracks to get up and dance. These singles set the tone for Stronger that reflect a different, but appreciative sound for Tank, whose music reflects his present day happiness.

Stronger begins with the lead single You’re My Star, which from first listen months ago, had the Motown, seventies sound all over it. A majority of the album follows this pattern, especially on the track Missing You, where Tank sounds exactly like a younger Marvin Gaye. Tank also takes a que from his musical brother Tyrese on Missing You, as he tries his hand at rapping, but despite being a talented singer, the rapping should stay a hobby.

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Although there are similarities between Tank and past artists on Stronger, fans will be delighted to find that there are zero features on the album, unlike past Tank compilations. Along with that, if you are a Tank ballad lover like myself, do not fret! After all the happy, happy, joy, joy, the emotionally, stirring records come in at the end. Fans have the previously released Hope This Makes You Love Me and title track Stronger, along with Thanking You, where Tank appreciates a broken love for making him a better man, along with the closing track, If That’s What It Takes, where Tank is willing to do anything to keep his lover around. Collectively, these four tracks balance Stronger out and gives every fan a little bit of what they want!

Earning a Grammy Nomination earlier this year with TGT and now expecting a baby boy early next year, it is a no brainer that Tank’s album would have a happier sound. Stronger is a different sound from the veteran that may take a while to adjust to, but in the end, Tank still gives us those spine chilling vocal runs, along with quality music that make you appreciate the real value of true love and the positivity that it spills over into every aspect of your life!

Personal Favorites: Same Way, Hope This Makes You Love Me

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