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New Music: Spotless Mind by Jhene Aiko

souled out
Debuting this track during her set at Coachella a couple of months ago, fans can now listen to the high quality version of Spotless Mind, weeks before the album comes out! On the smooth track, Aiko sings about her wandering ways and inability to stay in one spot with one person. Spotless Mind is the latest record from Jhene Aiko’s debut album Souled Out, which is available as a download when you pre-order the album here! Also, you can check out the cover art (above) and the tracklisting (below) before the album is released on September 9!

Souled Out Tracklisting:
1. Brave
2. To Love & Die (featuring Cocaine 80s)
3. Beautiful Ruin
4. It’s Cool
5. Lyin King
6. Wading
7. The Pressure
8. Eternal Sunshine
9. Limbo Limbo Limbo
10. Promises (featuring Miyagi and Namiko)
11. W.A.Y.S.
12. Pretty Bird (featuring Common)
13. Spotless Mind
14. Remember
15. My Afternoon Dream (Target Exclusive)
16. You vs. Them (Acoustic) (Target Exclusive)


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