Video Alert: Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

Warning: This video is not suitable for children or for work.

Hell, this video was not even suitable for my eyes and I am grown. It seems that the au naturale Nicki Minaj is gone out the window, following the release of her Anaconda video. She brings back the pink hair and skimpy outfits for a PG-13 version of a porno. Ladies, she does give some squat exercise tips that can be helpful in the long run, but overall the video is tasteless and degrading. Even Drake, whom Nicki Minaj gives a lap dance to, was appalled, which does make for the only entertaining part of the video.

In the end, to occupy an over-hyped song, there is just a raunchy video that will most likely be banned from public television. With so many women gunning for Nicki Minaj’s spot, she needs to finally put the gimmicks away and use her talent to entertain and not her body because the act is tired and dead.


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