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New Music: Booty (Remix) by Jennifer Lopez (featuring Iggy Azalea)

Jennifer Lopez’ AKA album was definitely not her best project to date. There were only a handful of tracks that were tolerable and the original Booty, which featured Pitbull was not one of them. Lopez now hopes to revamp and bring more popularity to the record, by taking off the Cuban sensation and adding an Australian, in her official remix.
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Previewed during the 2014 Video Music Award red carpet, we now get to hear Iggy Azalea add her verse to an ode about the big booties rocking all over the world. From the looks of the cover art above, I am sure a video for this track will be released in no time, but with so many tracks dedicated to the derriere lately, I wonder who will be the next female to dedicate a whole record to the buns hun?!

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